Our Story

Forty-five coconut palms and thorny sand dunes on the Wild East Coast – that was all we found here in the summer of 1991. Construction began in ‘92 with a store and four simple rooms to accommodate guests.

Year after year the lodge grew, combining beautiful local materials with the knowledge of local craftsmen and our own inspiration. The gardens have become a tropical forest with a unique collection of indigenous and exotic trees and over 110 palm species.

After almost 30 years of blood, sweat, tears, resilience, love and laughter, we are the oldest continuously running lodge in Bagamoyo. Through all the changes and challenges, some things will always remain the same: the easy, friendly and peaceful atmosphere that guests from all over the world have cherished for years.

We care for our Community and support a variety of social & environmental initiatives.
Learn more & download our Environmental Policy here.